Meet the Team

Paul Darko

Sales Manager

Kennington Office

Paul is a no nonsense, keep it short, keep it simple kind of guy. We like that about Paul, but when it came to providing some info for this bio, it would have been helpful to have some more to go on, if only to allow us to tell you the full story of this incredible fellow.

Born in Ghana in West Africa, Paul is a sharp and focused member of the team, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is persistent in his attempts to make a difference in the business.

“You snooze, you lose”

Father to two boys, he’s no stranger to hard work and persistence and that parental training has served him well in his time with us. And despite his straightforward approach, Paul has a creative side that concentrates on the fine details. 

Likes: Football, cooking

Hates: Lateness, liars and the insincere (We’re not sure if that’s a name of a band…)

Favourite Restaurant: Thai or Indian

Favourite Bar: The list is too long when you get to his age