Meet the Team

Dan McLeod


Dan was born and raised in Hereford. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely place. But it lacks the energy and opportunities that the young Dan McLeod, the hero of this story, was looking for. And so Dan, following in the footsteps of Dick Whittington, came to London cap in hand.

He started by doing a degree and, after graduating, decided to stay in the capital. While looking for a modest flat to live in with his girlfriend of the time (now wife – unbelievably), Dan had a Vicky the Viking-type moment, seeing that his destiny was to help others find their ideal homes. Slightly odd, yes, but the dream was born.

“the biggest challenge is to adapt continually to an ever-changing market”

As a matter of fact, five years ago, at Atkinson McLeod, sales was the main part of the business, nowadays rentals is the driver. If you don’t adapt, you don’t survive. With his high moral code, Dan is keen for more regulation within the industry. He says you need a good work ethic, a can-do attitude and, above all, to be good with people as agency is a people business.

Likes: Doing triathlons (even if he does come last)

Hates: Work-shy freeloaders (be honest then)

Favourite Restaurant: Bank, City of London

Favourite Bar: The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden