Meet the Team

Claire Oki

Lettings Manager

Hackney Office

Thanks to those wonderful online recruitment types, we came into contact with Claire Oki, who now manages lettings at our Hackney Office. Kent born and bred, Margate to be precise, Claire finally moved to the capital in 2012.

A keen globetrotter, Claire is proud of travelling around the world for eight months and is always looking to visit new countries and like many other members of the Atkinson McLeod team, one of her personal goals is to learn a new language in the future.

“Don’t be sad that it’s over; just be glad that it happened.”

If Claire could be anyone she says she would be Lois Lane due to her professional success and more importantly the prospect of dating Superman.

In her time with us so far, it looks like Claire has been taking tips from her imaginary boyfriend, although unfortunately in situations not quite as glamorous as Clarke Kent’s famous escapades. Last minute cleaning and furniture removal are not uncommon for Claire and she is known for making sure that every single tenant she deals with is happy and looked after.

Likes: Travel, sunshine and music

Hates: Traffic jams, arrogance and illogical reasoning

Favourite Restaurant: Oxo Tower, London 

Favourite Bar: Ministry of Sound