Meet the Team

Ben McLeod

Lettings Manager

Hackney Estate agents Office

Born in Hereford and, shall we say, raised in Leeds while studying at university, Ben joined the Atkinson McLeod team as a Lettings Manager in our always busy and never quiet office.

Ben’s aptitude for working with consumers of all nationalities and backgrounds is second to none.

“If you’re not first, you’re last”

Naming his greatest strength as dedication, Ben combined all four to move three lads into their new property using his own car on a stifling day during the height of summer.

If Ben could be anyone he would be the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards in his prime. We hope Ben will be rocking and rolling all over Hackney helping landlords and tenants in their droves for years to come!

Likes: Skiing, playing football and listening to live music

Hates: Lateness, Failure to listen

Favourite Restaurant: Bodean’s, Soho

Favourite Bar: Prince of Wales, Brixton