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Estate Agents – Myatt’s Fields

181 Kennington Lane, London SE11 4EZ
Mon. to Fri.: 9am – 7pm; Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Estate agents in Myatt’s Fields

We love Myatt’s Fields. Whether you are looking to buy the house of your dreams, or looking for a rich supply of rental property, we are sure we can help. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you though the local area and make your next move an enjoyable experience. Discover our local guide to living in Myatt’s Fields and visit our estate agent.

Areas covered by this office:
Kennington, Camberwell, Myatt’s Fields, Oval, Stockwell, Brixton, Elephant and Castle, SE11, SW9, SW8, SE1, SE5, SE15, SE17, SW1, SW2, SW4.

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  • Oval P. Avatar
    Oval P.
    11/22/2019 - Google

    Paul Darko is an estate agent in a million. He has been hard working, efficient and we would not... read more

    Akshay S. Avatar
    Akshay S.
    10/17/2019 - Google

    I met with James Hunt from Kennington office to see a property and had a really good experience. We finalised... read more

    Joshua A. Avatar
    Joshua A.
    12/09/2019 - Google

    We had brilliant service from Tom Holland at Atkinson Mcleod and the contract process was swift and as simple as... read more

    Rani E. Avatar
    Rani E.
    8/22/2019 - Google

    The agency team is welcoming. For our first rental in London, we are delighted with their listening and their help.We... read more

  • Adam S. Avatar
    Adam S.
    11/01/2019 - Google

    We are first time buyers and have just completed on a flat. Paul Darko has been incredibly helpful from start... read more

    Richard S. Avatar
    Richard S.
    10/21/2019 - Google

    Tom was very chilled out. Not pushy at all. A happy, soul who did everything with good speed. Always picked... read more

    Joe M. Avatar
    Joe M.
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Very effective, professional experience with Atkinson McLeod. Special mention for Tom in particular from the Kennington Office.

Meet the team

Paul Darko

Sales Manager, Estate Agents – Myatt’s Fields

Philip McConville

Lettings Manager, Estate Agents – Myatt’s Fields