Steps to buying a property

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Save, save, save!

Most buyers will save up a deposit of between 5% and 25% to put towards their purchase, with a mortgage making up the rest of the transaction. There are also a range of government schemes available to buyers, including Help to Buy and Shared Ownership.

What is Help to Buy?

Step 1

Get a Mortgage

Get in touch with a mortgage broker (or directly with a lender) to find out how much you could be eligible to borrow and secure a mortgage in principle. Having a mortgage in principle could make your offer more appealing to property sellers and speed up your transaction later down the line.

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Step 2

Budget for your Move

Alongside the deposit, you’ll also need to work out how much you’ll need for other moving costs such as surveys, solicitor fees, stamp duty and more.

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Step 3

Start your property search

Most people start their property search on Rightmove or Zoopla. It can also be useful to register with local estate agents. They can contact you about new properties coming to market. When you’re attending viewings, make sure you come with lots of questions and don’t be scared to organise additional visits.

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Step 4

Make your offer

You’ve unearthed your favourite property – now it’s time to make an offer to the vendor (via the estate agent). There may be some negotiating to do. You need to be wary of gazumping and gazundering.

Gazumping and Gazundering Explained

Step 5


After completing your mortgage application, you can start the conveyancing process, which confirms the legal transfer of property ownership. Your instructed solicitor will get in touch with the seller’s solicitor to get the ball rolling.

What is Conveyancing?

Step 6

Surveys & Removals

Most buyers will organise a survey of the property to give peace of mind that the property is in good condition. If a survey highlights issues, you may negotiate the price down. Once all set up, you’ll then need to organise moving day.

Budget your Move

Step 7


This is when the signed contract, along with your deposit, is sent to the seller’s conveyancer. At this point, you are legally bound to the purchase. When the money is received, the seller’s estate agent will release the keys and the property is yours!

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Step 8