inflation and rental market

Inflation: how is it affecting landlords and the property market?

We all know that inflation has soared recently. The...

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rental boom

Is the rental boom set to continue?

Although the turbulence of the last 12 months makes...

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Landlords – here’s how to keep your property free from damp and mould this winter

Landlords – here’s how to keep your property free from damp and mould this winter

Damp and mould is a cause for concern in any property. Not...

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Lettings – what laws are set to come into play in 2023?

Lettings – what laws are set to come into play in 2023?

Landlords have faced a number of years of increasing laws...

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Rents on the rise

Rents on the rise – why landlords shouldn’t be considering selling in 2023

Here at Atkinson McLeod, we are experiencing huge increase...

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How to maximise my rental income in 2022?

How to maximise my rental income in 2022?

Landlords who make the appropriate changes to their...

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Smoke and carbon monoxide changes - what do landlords need to know?

Smoke and carbon monoxide changes – what do landlords need to know?

To ensure landlords are keeping their tenants safe, smoke...

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Rental Reform

Rental reform – will government chaos delay it further?

The ‘A fairer private rented sector’ White Paper was...

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Are rental property expenses deductible?

Most landlords do a pretty good job of estimating the gross...

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Should my rental home have a property licence?

In the UK, property licencing is a means by which councils...

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what insurance do I need as a landord

What insurance do I need as a landlord in the UK?

As any landlord will know, letting a property is not...

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10 ways to find tenants fast – what do landlords need to know?

In the current competitive climate of property and letting,...

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Top tips for attracting tenants in Spring

Top tips for attracting tenants this spring – what can you do?

As the weather heats up, so has London’s rental market....

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radical rental reform

Radical rental reforms incoming – what do landlords need to know?

The government recently revealed its Levelling Up White...

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Right to Rent

Right to Rent – what is the latest?

Right to Rent has long proved controversial. The system...

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Pros and Cons of being a Landlord

What are the pros and cons of being a landlord?

Being a landlord can be complex and frustrating. But also...

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rental yield london

What is a good rental yield in London?

As a landlord, yield will be a very important...

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generation rent

2021 Generation Rent Guide for London landlords

Welcome to our latest e-brochure – this time zoning in on...

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key announcements in the Budget and Spending Review

What were the key announcements in the Budget and Spending Review?

Wednesday October 27 marked the government’s latest...

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Is property in London a good investment

Is property in London a good investment?

It’s one of the most iconic, famous and photographed...

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How much tax do I pay as a Landlord

How much tax do I pay as a landlord?

It’s a crucial question that many landlords will be...

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Changes to lighting – what do landlords need to know?

It’s something you might not have given much thought to,...

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rents are on the rise in London

Rents are on the rise in London as part of Covid bounce-back

There has been some good news for landlords in London...

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rental reform

Rental reform set for the coming year – what would this mean for the PRS?

In the recent Queen’s Speech, the government heavily...

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Pet in rental properties

Pets in rental properties – update for London landlords

The pandemic has led to a large spike in pet ownership....

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Revealed – the most common landlord mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s still a good time to be a landlord, despite the...

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Revealed: how can landlords prepare for the upcoming electrical checks deadline?

In recent years, UK landlords have had no choice but to get...

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What could happen in the London property market in 2021?

We are now well into 2021. And, while it’s been a...

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What should landlords look out for in 2021?

2020 has been a year like no other for landlords, with...

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Landlords Beware – new How To Rent Guide issued by government

The government has issued a new How To Rent Guide - the...

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Revealed – why a home office can help you to sell your property

One of the biggest changed priorities for buyers has been...

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estate agents fees

Paying estate agent fees – how much should you pay?

One of the biggest criticisms that traditional UK agents...

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What are the first steps to becoming a buy-to-let investor?

Despite efforts to stall its growth in recent years, the...

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Online agents versus traditional – what are the pros and cons?

It’s a topic which provokes fierce debate, with...

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Virtual tours – why they are what every buyer and tenant has been looking for

For some time now, buyers and tenants across the country...

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reopening house market

Property market reopens – here’s what you need to know

On Wednesday May 13, the property market officially...

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covid19 landlord

Buy-to-let mortgage holidays – what do landlords need to know?

There’s no doubt we are still living in extraordinary...

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covid tenants

Useful guidance and support for dealing with tenants during Covid-19 outbreak

A high number of buy-to-let landlords are concerned about...

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moving to london

10 things to consider before moving to London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. A truly...

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BTL mortgage

What are the best BTL mortgage options for London landlords?

As a landlord, in order to get the absolute most from your...

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tax pitfalls

A few tips to help you avoid property tax pitfalls in 2020

As a buy-to-let landlord it is highly likely that you will...

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electrical regulations

Mandatory electrical safety regulations to be introduced in England

The government plans to introduce mandatory electrical...

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MEES regulations

Landlords urged to prepare for new MEES regulations in April

Landlords of the draughtiest homes in England and Wales...

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steps to renting

Steps to renting a property – what do tenants need to know?

If you’re renting for the first time, or haven’t done...

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What is conveyancing?

Buying your first property can be an overwhelming...

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Gazumping monopoly Atkinson McLeod

Gazumping and Gazundering Explained

Gazumping Explained Gazumping is the term used when a...

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Moving day

What steps do you need to take before buying a property?

Buying a home can be an exciting and rewarding experience....

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BTL mortgage

2020 Buy-to-Let mortgage Guide

Despite only being around since 1996, buy-to-let (BTL)...

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Whirlpool recalls over 500,000 fire-risk washing machines

Four years on from announcing that millions of its tumble...

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elections 2019

Election 2019 – what does result mean for London Property Market

The Conservatives have won the 2019 Election in a decisive...

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Rental agreement

Five things every tenant should know about renting

From making sure you choose the right home to understanding...

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rental market

The latest Rightmove Rental Trends Tracker

Landlords plan to reduce portfolios in spite of record...

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Should I sell my home or rent it out?

Should I sell my home or rent it out?

Unless you’re a first-time buyer, it’s highly likely...

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landlord licensing in London

2019 Landlord Licensing Landlords

Landlord licensing schemes are designed to help tackle...

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Death-trap landlord fined for demanding rent from a tenant despite council ban

A buy-to-let investor, who previously spent time in prison...

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London investment

London retains crown as best European city for real estate investment

London has been ranked as the best European city for...

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Air bnb fined

Tenants warned over sub-letting as Airbnb host fined £100,000

Renters are being warned not to break tenancy rules after...

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Cost of selling a home

How much does it cost to sell a home?

Selling a home can sometimes be confusing, with different...

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flat london

22,000 Homes Are Sitting Empty In London

The study from Admiral combined government figures with...

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sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan slammed for London rental cap proposals

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been blasted as...

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Boris Johnson

PM Johnson urged to ‘reinvigorate buy-to-let’ by introducing tax changes

Boris Johnson is being to urged to do more to support...

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Do I need a ‘For Sale’ board when selling my home

Property sellers – here’s how to get more property viewings

Putting your property on the market is an exciting time,...

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Do I need a ‘For Sale’ board when selling my home

Do I need a ‘For Sale’ board when selling my home?

If you’re planning to sell a property soon, one of the...

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rental market

Average rents in London

The average rental value for new tenancies in London is...

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2019 Regulation guide for Landlords

2019 Legislation Guide for Landlords

The evolution of the private rented sector over the last...

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How can home improvements increase the value of your London home?

As a property seller, you'll want to get the maximum amount...

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views from city hall

Investors are taking the long view

Wall-to-wall negativity on Brexit from politicians and the...

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The Tustin estate in Peckham is undergoing a £27m refurbishment. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian

‘A terrible shock’: Southwark council hands flat owner £146,000 bill

How would you feel if a council bill for £146,000 landed...

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angry women shocking fact

7 shocking facts about the housing market

We all know the housing market has problems. But do you...

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landlords lettings market

London lettings market update for landlords

As we move towards the heart of the summer, it’s time to...

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Essential Guide to Tax

2019 Tax Guide for Landlords

As you’ll be well aware, the private rented sector (PRS)...

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East London Investment

Is East London set to be the capital’s next rental hotspot?

Despite Brexit uncertainty – such as the reduction of...

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tenant court

Tenants can sue landlords for damp homes under new laws

Tenants now have the right to sue their landlords for cold...

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Why are houses so expensive in London?

Why are houses so expensive in London?

The high cost of property in London has become nearly a...

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Why are houses so expensive in London?

What did the Spring Statement say about housing?

Brexit is currently hogging all the headlines. Which meant...

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Labour plans to force landlords to offer ‘indefinite’ tenancies

A Labour government would aim to address what it sees as a...

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london property

Home moving jargon buster – what are the terms you need to know?

When buying or selling a home, you will probably be faced...

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Atkinson McLeod Budget

How to budget effectively when moving home

When it comes to moving home, you can get a wide number of...

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atkinson mcleod kitchen help you sell your home

Why your kitchen could help you to sell your London home

In recent years, the kitchen has increasingly been named as...

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Selling you property

Selling your home? Here’s how to achieve your asking price or above

When it comes to selling a property, you’ll want to get...

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Moving Day Atkinson McLeod

How to reduce stress when moving home in London?

Moving home is an exciting and rewarding experience....

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Houses for sale

London round-up – new affordable homes on Olympic legacy sites and no more £100,000 properties

Now that the summer months have passed in London, the...

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How can a garage add value to your London home?

In a list of must-have property features, a garage often...

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Atkinson McLeod property

What could deter buyers from putting in an offer on your London home?

To successfully sell your home, you’ll need plenty of...

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Removal day

Preparing for moving day? Here’s our top tips

It’s that time of the year where buying, selling and...

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How far will London property buyers go to secure a dream home?

How far will London buyers go to secure a dream home?

When selling your home, eager and enthusiastic buyers are...

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buy a house

Top tips: advice for first-time sellers

First-time buyers receive a lot of media attention and are...

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EPC visual

Top tips to improve your property’s EPC rating

Since the 1st April 2018, unless applicable exemption, it...

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Top tips: How to get your London home sold this spring

The weather might not have got the memo yet, but spring is...

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Houses in London Atkinson McLeod

London property values soar as demand from buyers and landlords remains high

Another month has been and gone in the world of property...

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London Westminster Palace

The London property round-up: cabinet reshuffle and a fees ban delay

We’re now firmly ensconced in 2018 and, just like the...

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London property: Expensive streets, new-build leaseholds and Brexit progress

The new year is now upon us, but there was still plenty...

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London property

London market update: Housing takes centre stage at Autumn Budget

One event and one event alone has dominated November’s...

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home buying process

Party conferences, housing consultations and 300,000 new homes

Politics has been back on the agenda in recent weeks, with...

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London house prices stall while Tramlink is set to expand

As people start to analyse the recent party conferences and...

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Housebuilding up as second steppers face challenges and Hackney leads the way

It’s time again for a round-up of the latest property...

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House in London

Price rises, leasehold bans and backing for Crossrail 2

After a tumultuous few months in the political world,...

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Building a successful landlord/tenant relationship

Top tips to create a positive relationship with your...

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A hung parliament, 15 Housing Ministers and the figures behind Help to Buy

Well, since our last housing market update, quite a lot has...

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terraced house london

London mortgage market thriving, buyers’ desires and air pollution

After a busy spring period, the London property market now...

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Mortgage Buying a house

Housing market awaits another General Election

In a move that almost no-one saw coming, Prime Minister...

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brochure image

What’s next for short-term lets, Budget update and listing on a Monday

The property industry slows down for no-one, so there has...

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houses london

The Housing White Paper – what does it mean for London Property?

One news story has been dominating the property world in...

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London property – New homes, January buyers and the ban on fees

The London Property market has now firmly entered 2017, but...

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2016 review

The year that was – here’s our round-up of 2016 and the London Property Market

Well, 2016 has been quite a dramatic year fro the London...

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Property blog

Chancellor outlines government’s property plans in Autumn Statement

There has been one thing dominating the news agenda in...

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London property sales and prices recover after traditional summer lull

The London Property Sales market is now fully immersed in...

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Money Houses London

Buy-to-let market and house prices show stability

As we move out of summer and into the autumn, we enter a...

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Central Line

Property prices remain steady as London prepares for the night tube

Property transactions and demand still high in the...

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Downing Street

How will Theresa May tackle the housing shortage?

In Theresa May's speech outlining the main aims of the...

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European flag

Britain votes for Brexit – changes to the Housing Market

Market comment Changes in the UK property market will be a...

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Houses in London

London property scene motors on

Property news: No deposit mortgages make a return The...

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Houses in London

​What’s going on in the London property market and how could it affect you?

Market News: Stamp duty furore now behind us as we look...

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