Guide to living in

A guide to living in Canada Water

Gaining its name due to the arrival of ships from you guessed it, Canada; this area has developed into a residential area formed around the central body of freshwater. Formerly an industrial docking area, Canada Water has undergone large swathes of regeneration and redevelopment to turn it into a more desirable location. 

The area is close to several shopping outlets including Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, built on the infilled part of Canada Water, and Rotherhithe Town Centre, offering most of the expected high street shops.

“The area has period family housing set back from the water and modern apartment blocks along the water front, perfect for young professionals.”

Canada Water Library is a striking inverted pyramid overlooking the water. Opened in 2011, the space, considered an architectural gamble, is not all spiral staircases and grand décor. Serving a genuine public purpose, the Library has a café, gallery and of course plenty of books – probably the most interesting Library in London. 

Although not actually in Canada Water, the area is well placed to visit Surrey Docks Farm, over 2 acres in size, the farm is home to some very cute pigs amongst other farmyard animals. Furthermore, another short walk from Canada Water is the Wapping Project which is well worth a visit. 

The area around Canada Water is made up mainly of two types of property, period family housing set back from the water and modern apartment blocks along the water front, perfect for young professionals.


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Eating & Drinking

Café East is an undecorated warehouse serving Vietnamese food. Although that doesn’t sound very appealing, this place is a hit. Unfussy and focused on great food, the low prices are also a bonus. Victualler is a wine bar hidden away in the depths of Wapping, well worth the search; this wine bar has an excellent selection of local wines and beers.

We Recommend…

Canada Water is the only body of fresh water in the Docklands and is an interesting place to have a walk around. The area is also considered a wildlife refuge, so keep your eyes peeled for some wonders of the animal kingdom.

Travelling to Canada Water

Canada Water has its own tube station on the Jubilee Line, rendering the Centre of London very accessible. Furthermore, a relatively recent addition to the London Overground, the East End is now even more within touching distance.

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