Top tips for attracting tenants in Spring

Top tips for attracting tenants this spring – what can you do?

As the weather heats up, so has London’s rental market. Recent research has revealed the capital’s rental prices and tenant demand have sharply risen with values surging annually across 42% of London boroughs. While tenant demand has increased across every London borough since this time last year.

London landlords looking to let their properties now will benefit from renewed interest in the capital and the seasonal opportunities spring provides.

Tenants are flocking back to London again as we enter a post-Covid 19 world. Spring’s milder weather can also be used to the advantage of landlords to attract tenants.

Here, we give landlords top tips on how they can attract tenants this spring.

Emphasise gardens and outdoor spaces

As the weather gets better, people will begin to spend more time outdoors. Likely to be driven by warmer weather and lockdowns over the last two years, research from Rightmove found property searches for ‘gardens’ have soared by 70%.

What’s more, Rightmove’s 2020 study found that rental properties with a balcony saw the second-largest increase in enquiries, up by 70% on 2019. The study also revealed homes with a garden witnessed the fourth most significant rise with demand up by 39%.

Landlords can use the above insight to their benefit. It would be a wise idea for landlords to make sure their garden is in good shape and to draw attention to their outdoor spaces.

As a landlords, you should make sure outdoor spaces are nice and clean. It’s up to you whether you seek professional help with your gardens or get stuck in yourself. But it certainly appears a well-kept garden can attract tenants.

Let the light in

Spring comes with increased sunshine and sun rays have a positive effect on people’s moods. According to experts, people become exposed to serotonin through sunlight rays and this hormone is known for boosting people’s spirits. 

Landlords can make changes to their rental property to let more light in. Bringing more light into your rental home makes it look bigger and may even brighten tenants’ moods.

The colours of walls also affect how much light gets into the property. To bring the light in, paint walls neutral colours such as white or cream, as it will reflect the most light while dark colours absorb light and make the room appear darker. Swap dark curtains and windows for lighter and brighter ones to boost the brightness of the home. 

Draw attention to transport links

Although lockdown has seen people spend more time indoors and adopt remote working, good transport links are still valued. Research from Nationwide found properties within walking distance to a transport link typically attract a higher premium than those further away.

Nationwide’s research also discovered properties that are 250 miles away from a station attract a 9.4% premium, while those that are 1,250 miles away only attract a 1.6% premium. 

London is famed for its transport links and is easy to get around. So, landlords should make sure that attention is brought to their property’s transport links during viewings.

Spring cleaning and decluttering

The increased light from the sun can make rooms look bigger, but it also draws more attention to dust and dirt. So, landlords should make sure they do a thorough spring clean.

Studies have found that people are less likely to arrange viewings at properties that are visibly dirty online. Landlords should make sure their property is as tidy as it can be.

Decluttering is also important and also helps to make rooms look more spacious. Decluttering will help the property look more like a blank canvas that tenants can envision as their own. Clutter is also untidy and makes rooms look smaller. Decluttering should play a crucial role in your rental home’s spring clean.

Work with the right letting agent

 London landlords right now are benefitting from high tenant demand and rental values. Although the outlook appears positive for the capital’s landlords, working with the right letting agent is still key.

At Atkinson McLeod, we know London well and have twenty years of experience. We are members of all the main bodies governing residential estate agencies, meaning we remain compliant and operate at a high standard.

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Top tips for attracting tenants this spring - what can you do?
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Top tips for attracting tenants this spring - what can you do?
Atkinson McLeod explains how landlords letting in spring can use the season to their advantage. In this blog, Atkinson McLeod gives top tips for attracting tenants this spring
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