Changes to lighting – what do landlords need to know?

It’s something you might not have given much thought to, but the government has recently announced new regulations to lighting. It is being enforced this autumn, which will affect rental properties.

Here, using our experience as a busy London letting agency, we take a closer look. And outline what landlords need to know about the upcoming changes.

What is changing?          

The government’s ongoing fight against climate change is the main motivation behind the new lighting regulations.This has taken on even more importance ahead of the hosting of the COP26 in Glasgow later this year. And with the recent flash flooding and mini heatwave which were blamed on changing weather patterns.

As part of the government’s new plans, halogen light bulbs will be banned from September. Additionally, fluorescent light bulbs are being phased out and will no longer be sold from September 2023.

Government officials insist that the new measures will cut some 1.26 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. It will also save consumers an average of £75 a year on energy bills.

The UK has been phasing out the sale of higher-energy halogen lightbulbs since 2018, under EU-wide rules. And this will continue, despite Brexit.

The new legislation will, of course, affect retailers. They will be unable to sell the majority of halogen bulbs in the UK from September 1 2021.

With halogen bulbs no longer being sold, this will continue the move towards low-energy LED lightbulbs. These are already popular in Britain and make up around two-thirds of lights sold.

The eventual plan is that LED lights will account for 85% of all bulbs sold by 2030. It’s said that the main advantages of LED lights are longevity and energy efficiency. They last five times longer than halogen bulbs and produce the same amount of light, despite using up to 80% less power.

From September, there will also be a ban on the sale of lighting fixtures with fixed bulbs that cannot be replaced. Instead, under the new plans, these fixtures will have to be thrown away.

What’s more, lightbulbs will carry ‘rescaled’ energy labels on their boxes in an effort to simplify how energy efficiency is shown. Rather than the A+, A++, A+++ ratings, the new scale will be from A-G instead.

“We’re phasing out old inefficient halogen bulbs for good, so we can move more quickly to longer lasting LED bulbs, meaning less waste and a brighter and cleaner future for the UK.” energy minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said.

What can landlords do ahead of the lighting changes?

It’s vital that you plan ahead to ensure the lighting in your rental properties abides by the new rules. You can also rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment and providing lower bills for your tenants.

It would be sensible and prudent to begin making the change from halogen light bulbs to low-energy light bulbs now. While high-energy fluorescent light bulbs will not be phased out until 2023, you may want to act early to save on hassle at a later date.

Lighting is a very important part of a rental property. But one that may be ignored or neglected. In light of these changes, it’s important that landlords get their rental properties up to speed.

The lighting changes form part of the government’s wider strategy to improve the energy efficiency and green credentials of the UK’s housing stock.

Making your home as eco-friendly as possible could be an especially savvy move in London, where many tenants are very climate-aware. It has been the young generations who have been leading the fight against climate change. And, in many cases, they will want to know the home they are renting is as energy efficient as possible. As well as adhering to all the rules the government are setting to lower emissions.

Here at Atkinson McLeod, we can help to ensure all the lighting in your rental homes is in line with the new regulations. To make sure we’re all doing our bit for the climate emergency.

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Changes to lighting – what do landlords need to know?
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Changes to lighting – what do landlords need to know?
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